Daily Productive Sharing 685 - A $500K Acquisition Offer

Daily Productive Sharing 685 - A $500K Acquisition Offer
Photo by Jan Canty / Unsplash

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Tony Dinh, an independent developer from Vietnam, recently received a product acquisition invitation and shared the entire process and what he learned:

  1. The acquisition party made two offers of 300,000 USD and 500,000 USD respectively, both of which were below Tony’s expectations.
  2. For Tony, he believed that he would sell the product if three conditions were met: he was no longer interested in the product, no longer believed it would grow, and urgently needed cash.
  3. From the perspective of the acquiring party, their funds came from various borrowings and investments, so they would not pay a large amount of cash in advance.
  4. Because they were not familiar with the product, the acquisition party’s takeover cost was high, so their pressure was less if the down payment was lower.

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来自越南的独立开发者 Tony Dinh 最近收到了一个产品收购邀约,他分享了整个历程以及所学到的经验:

  1. 收购方两次报价分别为30万美金和50万美金,都低于 Tony 的预期;
  2. 对于 Tony 而言,他认为自己会卖掉这一产品的情形要满足三个条件:不再对这一产品感兴趣,不再相信它会增长,而且急需现金;
  3. 从收购方而言,他们的资金来自于各种借款和投资,所以他们不会先行支付大量现金;
  4. 因为不熟悉这一产品,所以收购方的接手成本很高,所以首付越低,他们的压力就越小。

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