Daily Productive Sharing 688 - Least Resistant Mind

Daily Productive Sharing 688 -  Least Resistant Mind
Photo by Amritanshu Sikdar / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Morgan Housel identified seven psychological paths of least resistance. In most cases, this is not a problem, but sometimes it can have negative consequences:

  1. Quickly eliminate uncertainty and doubt;
  2. Use a single cause to explain all complex events
  3. Use double standards to measure oneself and others
  4. Apply one’s own values to others
  5. Ignore the impact of probability
  6. Outsource difficult decisions to others
  7. Tend to replace data with stories.

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Morgan Housel 指出了七种常见的心理偷懒。大多数情况下,这么做没什么问题,但是有些时候有可能会产生消极影响:

  1. 快速消除不确定性和疑问;
  2. 使用单一原因来解释所有的复杂事件
  3. 使用双重标准来衡量他人和自我
  4. 将自己的世界观/价值观套用在他人身上
  5. 忽略概率的影响
  6. 将难以处理的决定外包给其他人
  7. 倾向用故事取代数据

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