Daily Productive Sharing 689 - The Best Moment

Daily Productive Sharing 689 - The Best Moment
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Although Hunter Walk is already a successful investor, he reflects on his past experiences and believes that the dot-com crisis at the beginning of the 21st century was his most helpful life experience:

When he graduated from Stanford, he experienced the dot-com crisis, and finding a job was extremely difficult. But six months later, he established contact with the famous Philip Rosedale and Linden Lab.

He believes that in a bull market, many decisions made by people are impulsive, while under a bear market, they will be more rational.

Recently, I am in a situation similar to his, deciding to move to a new country and then finding a suitable job. After several months of looking, I still haven’t found the right opportunity. But I still decided to move first and slowly look for a job. The worst-case scenario is that when I move there for six months, I still won’t find a job, so I’ll just focus on building AwesomeVisa .

Coincidentally, the rent in that place is extremely high. My friends advised me to start looking for an apartment early, but I feel like I can’t sign a contract without seeing the place in person. So I asked a few local friends if there were any short-term rental opportunities, and two of them said yes. One said I could rent for a month, and the other said I could rent until the end of the year. After a while, the first friend asked me if I wanted to share a house with them, because their previous roommate ran away, leaving a vacancy. I thought it was a good idea, so I agreed. Since I started working, I haven’t lived with roommates, so this will be an interesting experience, won’t it?

Looking back now, it’s amazing that I was able to settle the housing issue without a lot of effort. This friend, whom I have known for a long time, hasn’t even met me in person yet.

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尽管 Hunter Walk 已经是一位成功的投资家,他回顾过往的经历,觉得二十一世纪初的 dot.com 危机是最有帮助的人生经历:

  1. 当他从斯坦福毕业时,经历了 dot.com,找工作极其不容易。但是六个月后,他与著名的 Philip Rosedale 和 Linden Lab 建立了联系;
  2. 他认为在牛市下,人们做的很多决策都是冲动的;而在熊市之下,会更理性。

我最近也处于类似的境况中,决定搬到新的国家去之后,就要找到合适的工作。陆陆续续看了大半年都还没找到合适的机会。但是我还是决定先搬过去,再慢慢看。最差的境况就是搬去六个月之后,还是找不到工作,那就索性专心做 AwesomeVisa 了。



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