Daily Productive Sharing 694 - Nat Friedman

Daily Productive Sharing 694 - Nat Friedman
Photo by Surfing Croyde Bay / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Nat Friedman, former CEO of Github, showcases his beliefs on his personal website:

  1. We should strive to raise the ceiling, not the floor.
  2. Faster work enables us to interact with reality more frequently.
  3. A week is 2% of a year.
  4. Many of our believes may be incorrect.

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Nat Friedman 是 Github 的前 CEO,他的个人网站上展示了他信奉的道理:

  1. 我们应该努力提高天花板的高度,而不是提高门槛的高度;
  2. 更快的工作可以让我们更频繁地接触现实;
  3. 一周是一年的 2%;
  4. 我们的不少认知可能都是错的。

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