Daily Productive Sharing 696 - Motivations

Daily Productive Sharing 696 - Motivations
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Regarding motivation, people often have various misconceptions. Mark Manson analyzes some of these misconceptions and provides targeted advice:

  1. Action is both the cause and the result of motivation: motivation will only become more significant once action is taken.
  2. Motivation is related to our emotions: if we can maintain a positive attitude, motivation will more effectively drive us forward.
  3. Long-term motivation requires us to embrace the struggles of life. Only if we are willing to sacrifice for something, will we find long-term motivation.
  4. Procrastination is naturally opposed to maintaining motivation, but the essence of procrastination is not just poor time management, but a bias towards self-identity cognition. Rather than struggling with self-criticism, it is better to re-interpret self-cognition.

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关于动机,人们总有各种迷思,Mark Manson 分析了其中一些迷思,并给出了针对性的建议:

  1. 行动既是动机的成因,也是动机的结果:只有行动起来,动机才会越来越显著;
  2. 动机和我们的情绪有关:如果我们能保持良好的心态,那么动机会更加激励我们前进;
  3. 长久的动机需要我们直面生命中的挣扎,只有我们愿意为了某些事牺牲,才会找到长久的动机;
  4. 拖延当然和保持动机相对立,但拖延的本质并不仅仅是糟糕的时间管理,而是自我身份认知的偏差。与其苦苦挣扎于自我批判,不如重新解读自我认知。

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