Daily Productive Sharing 701 - If You Feel Burned Out at Work

Daily Productive Sharing 701 - If You Feel Burned Out at Work
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Christina Maslach recently published a book titled The Burnout Challenge, which details the causes and solutions of workplace burnout:

  1. The experience has three interrelated components. One is exhaustion, which is the stress response. A second is feeling negative, cynical, hostile. And then the third component is negative feeling about themselves, instead of just about their workplace.
  2. There are six most common mismatches between employees and workplaces: workload, control, rewards, community, fairness, and values. This forms a spectrum of mismatches. And they may be interconnected.
  3. To alleviate workplace burnout, the first step that can be taken is to seek support from one's network of relationships.

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Christina Maslach 教授最近出版了 The Burnout Challenge 一书,详细介绍了职场倦怠的成因和解决方式:

  1. 职场倦怠包含三个相互关联的部分。第一个是疲惫,第二个是消极情绪,第三个部分是对自己产生负面情绪,而不仅仅是对他们的工作场所。
  2. 有六种最常见的员工与工作场所之间的不匹配:工作量、权力、奖励、社群、公平和价值观。这构成了一个不匹配的光谱。而且他们之间可能相关联。
  3. 要想减轻职场倦态,第一步可以做的是,从自己的关系网中寻求支持。

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