Daily Productive Sharing 704 - An $800M Side Project

Daily Productive Sharing 704 - An $800M Side Project
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Louie Chen introduced the growth process of the programming education platform Replit:

  1. Replit was created by Jordanian Amjad Masad as a side project while he was still working full-time, for six years working on the project intermittently.
  2. Dedicating himself fully to Replit wasn't Amjad's first choice; he had tried to sell the project to others multiple times, but was rejected. Finally, with the support of his wife Haya, he decided to commit to the project full-time.
  3. The initial development of Replit wasn't smooth until they opened the platform to computer science teachers to create courses. This way, as long as a teacher was teaching on the platform, their students would flock to it.
  4. Gradually, Replit grew larger and even Y Combinator, who previously didn't see much potential in the project, extended an invitation. Furthermore, Replit's user growth rate was astonishing, with more than half of the users being under 18 years old.

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Louie Chen 介绍了编程教育平台 Replit 的成长过程:

  1. Replit 是由约旦人 Amjad Masad 在工作之余创建的项目。当时还有全职工作的他,陆陆续续在这个业余项目上花了六年时间;
  2. 全力投入 Replit,并不是 Amjad 的首选项,他曾经多次向其他人兜售这一项目,都被拒绝。最后在妻子 Haya 的支持下,他决定全职投入这一项目;
  3. 最初的 Replit 发展并不顺利,直到他们向计算机老师开放入口,请他们在上面制作课程。这样一来,只要有一个老师在上面授课,就有 ta 的学生蜂拥而至;
  4. 慢慢的,Replit 越做越大,之前不看好他们的 YC 也给出了邀请。而且 Replit 的用户增长率非常惊人,其中一半以上的用户都小于18岁。

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