Daily Productive Sharing 705 - 5 Years of Indie Hacking

Daily Productive Sharing 705 - 5 Years of Indie Hacking
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One helpful tip per day:)

Allison Seboldt started her own business five years ago, and she recently reflected on the lessons she learned over the years:

  1. Having passion is a good start, but to maintain it long-term, external feedback is needed.
  2. Being self-employed doesn't mean complete freedom; there are more relationships to maintain.
  3. Immersing yourself in a community of independent entrepreneurs can help you learn from others' experiences and avoid their mistakes more quickly.
  4. If you haven't made a single cent online yet, don't rush to start your own business.

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Allison Seboldt 五年前开始独立创业,她最近回顾了这些年来学到的经验:

  1. 拥有激情是不错的开端,但是要长久地维系,需要外部的反馈;
  2. 独立创业并不意味着完全的自由,有更多的关系需要维系;
  3. 浸润在独立创业者的社区里,能够让你更快地学到他人的经验,避免他人的错误;
  4. 如果你还没有在网上赚到一分钱,就不要急着跳出来独立创业。

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