Daily Productive Sharing 708 - Consistency

Daily Productive Sharing 708 - Consistency
Photo by Maria Teneva / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

CJ Chilvers wrote a newsletter for more than 20 years, and from this experience, he realized that persistence is the most important aspect:

  1. People's attention is fleeting, and only by consistently publishing can you continuously capture their attention.
  2. Although the quality of what you publish determines people's attention, not publishing anything won't attract any attention at all.
  3. Many things in life are like this as well; even the greatest challenges can be overcome through a little bit of persistence.

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CJ Chilvers 写了二十多年的邮件列表,从这一经历中,他认识到,坚持才是最重要的:

  1. 人们的注意力稍纵即逝,只有坚持发布才能一直抓住人们的注意力;
  2. 尽管发布的质量会决定人们的注意力,但是不发布就不会吸引任何注意力;
  3. 生活中很多事物也是如此,即便是天大的挑战也可以通过一点点坚持来克服。

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