Daily Productive Sharing 710 - What Makes You Happy

Daily Productive Sharing 710 - What Makes You Happy
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One helpful tip per day:)

Morgan Housel read the book Endurance and discovered that becoming happy is both simple and difficult:

  1. After being rescued, the crew members enjoyed bathing, shaving, eating, and sleeping. Even if the water was lukewarm and the food was half stale, it was one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling nights they had ever experienced;
  2. Everyone strives for a good life because they believe it will make them happy. However, this process does not bring happiness;
  3. The real happiness comes from the contrast between what you have now and the effort you put in before;
  4. The happiness of going from nothing to something is much greater than the happiness of going from a lot to an extreme amount.
  5. Happiness is a fleeting emotion because it is revealed by the contrast in circumstances, but you will quickly adapt to your new environment.
  6. When you realize how powerful expectations are, you will invest equal effort in lowering expectations and improving your circumstances.

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Morgan Housel 读了 Endurance 一书,发现变得快乐既简单又困难:

  1. 获救之后的船员们享用了沐浴,剃须,食物和睡眠。即使水是温的,食物是半变质的,那也是他们经历过的最愉快、最充实的夜晚之一;
  2. 每个人都在努力过上好生活,因为他们认为这会让他们快乐。但这一过程并不让人感到快乐;
  3. 实际上真正的快乐是你现在拥有的和你之前努力的对比;
  4. 从无到有的快乐比从多到超多的快乐要多得多。
  5. 快乐是一种短暂的情感,因为它是由环境的对比揭示的,但你很快就会适应你所处的新环境。
  6. 当你意识到期望有多强大时,你会在降低期望和改善环境两方面投入相同的努力。

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