Daily Productive Sharing 711 - Discipline is Destiny

Daily Productive Sharing 711 - Discipline is Destiny
Photo by Micaela Parente / Unsplash

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Ryan Holiday recently published a new book, Discipline is Destiny, which explores the relationship between self-discipline and success. In his view, self-discipline is a success in itself:

  1. Self-discipline is a unique quality that is both predictive and deterministic;
  2. Discipline is the win. When you are disciplined about yourself... you win;
  3. Self-discipline does not involve self-blame;
  4. Being strict with ourselves is to avoid allowing others to be strict with us.

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Ryan Holiday 最近出版了一本新书 Discipline is Destiny,探讨了自律与成功的关系。在他看来,自律本身就是一种成功:

  1. 自律是一种独特的品质,既具有预测性又具有决定性;
  2. 自律就是胜利。当你对自己自律时……你就赢了;
  3. 自律并不涉及自责;
  4. 严于律己,是为了避免让他人对我们严格。

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