Daily Productive Sharing 714 - Mistakes as A New Manager

Daily Productive Sharing 714 - Mistakes as A New Manager
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Ben Kuhn reflected on his experience as a technical manager and summarized some lessons:

  1. His path to becoming a manager was not smooth sailing, as he repeatedly switched between management and development positions.
  2. After becoming a manager, he constantly questioned whether he was doing something useful.
  3. When asking for feedback from subordinates, he found that asking more detailed questions, such as "Was that meeting useful?" would usually yield valuable insights.
  4. He decided to only allow himself to write code when no one else cared about the completion time.
  5. Newcomers to some extent appreciate micro-management (if they are self-aware and treated kindly by the manager).

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Ben Kuhn 回顾了自己任职技术经理的经历,总结了一些经验:

  1. 他当上经理并非一帆风顺,中间反复在管理岗与开发岗之间横跳;
  2. 当上管理岗之后,他一直在自我质疑,自己做得十分有用;
  3. 当询问下属的反馈时,如果提出更详细的问题——“那次会议有用吗?”——我通常会从中学到很多。
  4. 我决定只允许自己在没有人在意完成时间的情况下才写代码;
  5. 新人在一定程度上会感激 micro management(如果他们有自知之明,并且你对待他们很友善);

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