Daily Productive Sharing 719 - Make Something Real

Daily Productive Sharing 719 - Make Something Real
Photo by Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Ryan Holiday once hesitated about whether to spend his budget on advertising. In the end, he didn't run ads but hired a team to create various content: podcasts, YouTube videos, email lists, and more. Looking back, he's very grateful for making this decision:

  1. Instead of spending a lot of time and energy converting users into paying customers, it's better to use that time and energy to do something useful.
  2. Spending a large budget on advertising might keep him awake at night, but spending the same amount of money on content creation allows him to sleep peacefully.
  3. If you decide to do something, focus on doing things that truly create value.

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Ryan Holiday 之前曾经犹豫要不要把预算花在广告上,最终,他没有打广告,而是雇佣了一个团队制作各种内容:podcasts,Youtube 视频,邮件列表等等。回头来看,他非常庆幸自己做出了这样的决定:

  1. 与其花大量的时间和精力将用户转化为付费用户,不如把这些时间精力用来做一些有用的事;
  2. 花大量的预算做广告可能让他晚上睡不着觉,但是花同样的钱做内容能让他睡个安稳觉;
  3. 如果你决定做什么事,那就做那些真正能产生价值的事。

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