Daily Productive Sharing 720 - What Morgan Housel Thinks

Daily Productive Sharing 720 - What Morgan Housel Thinks
Photo by Belinda Fewings / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Morgan Housel shared some recent thoughts, and some are insightful:

  1. Nothing is more blinding than success caused by luck, because when you succeed without effort it’s easy to think, “I must be naturally talented.”
  2. The best measure of wealth is what you have minus what you want. (By this measure, some billionaires are broke.)
  3. Everything is sales.
  4. Past performance increases confidence more than ability.
  5. Three legal investment strategies: Be smarter than others, be luckier than others, be more patient than others. That’s the whole list.

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Morgan Housel 分享了一些最近的感悟,有一些非常有洞见:

  1. 没有什么比侥幸成功更让人盲目,因为当你毫不费力地成功时,很容易想到,“我一定是天生的天才。”
  2. 财富的最佳衡量标准是你拥有的减去你想要的。
  3. 一切都是销售。
  4. 过去的表现会增加信心,而非能力。
  5. 三种合法的投资策略:比别人更聪明、比别人更幸运、比别人更有耐心。

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