Daily Productive Sharing 723 - You Are Your Enemy

Daily Productive Sharing 723 - You Are Your Enemy
Photo by Joseph Sharp / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Mark Manson pointed that there is a fine line between healthy self-awareness and (often unhealthy) self-consciousness:

  1. There are certain characteristics of our thoughts and feelings that we don’t like about ourselves.
  2. Self-awareness is the simple noticing and acknowledgement of whatever’s rattling around inside your brain.
  3. Self-consciousness is the judgment of what is happening within our minds.

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Mark Manson 指出自我觉醒和自我批判只有一线之隔:

  1. 我们的思想和感受中有一些特点是我们不喜欢的
  2. 自我觉醒是简单地注意和承认大脑中正在发生的任何事物。
  3. 自我批判是对我们思维中发生的事物的判断。

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