Daily Productive Sharing 724 - ATS Myths Busted

Daily Productive Sharing 724 - ATS Myths Busted
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Gergely Orosz reveals misconceptions about applicant tracking systems (ATSes) in The Tech Resume Inside Out:

  1. The primary function of ATSes is to help recruiters track the entire recruitment process.
  2. ATSes can parse resume content, but they do not determine if the resume matches a position.
  3. Recruiters using ATSes decide whether a resume matches a position, and they do not rely entirely on ATSes' suggestions.
  4. ATSes can effectively parse PDF and Word documents.

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Gergely Orosz 在 The Tech Resume Inside Out 揭示了关于 applicant tracking systems (ATSes) 的误解:

  1. ATSes 的主要作用是帮助招聘者追踪整个招聘流程;
  2. ATSes 可以解析简历内容,但不会判断简历是否匹配职位;
  3. 使用 ATSes 的招聘方决定简历是否匹配,而且他们并非完全信任 ATSes 的建议;
  4. ATSes 可以很好地解析 PDF 和 Word 文档。

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