Daily Productive Sharing 729 - Profile of Patrick Collison

Daily Productive Sharing 729 - Profile of Patrick Collison
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Justin Gordon provided a detailed introduction of Stripe's co-founder, Patrick Collison:

  1. Patrick was intelligent and clever from a young age, inventing a Lisp-based programming language called Croma at 16 and enrolling at MIT at 17.
  2. Patrick was an avid reader with an excellent memory. Before starting his own business, he spent two years reading various internet-related books.
  3. Stripe was not their first company, nor was it the original name they gave it. Even Stripe's initial business model was not well received. However, they overcame numerous challenges and ultimately built a powerful internet payment empire.
  4. When creating Stripe, the Collison brothers chose a slow pace, taking two years from writing the first line of code to officially launching the platform, and their  recruitment speed was also very slow.

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Justin Gordon 详细介绍了 Stripe 的联合创始人 -- Patrick Collison:

  1. Patrick 自幼就聪明伶利,16岁发明了基于 Lisp 的编程语言 -- Croma;17岁进入 MIT 就读;
  2. Patrick 十分喜爱阅读,可以过目不忘。在创业之前,他花了两年时间阅读各种互联网相关的书籍;
  3. Stripe 并不是他们创建的第一家公司,Stripe 也不是他们给这家公司最初定义的名字,甚至连 Stripe 的商业模式最初也不被人看好。但他们突破重重困难,最终建立了这一互联网支付帝国;
  4. 创建 Stripe,Patrick 两兄弟选择了慢节奏,从敲下第一行代码到正式上线花费了两年时间,招募员工的速度也非常缓慢。

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