Daily Productive Sharing 730 - Two Types of Confidence

Daily Productive Sharing 730 - Two Types of Confidence
Photo by Blake Weyland / Unsplash

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Shane Parrish points out that appropriate self-confidence is a necessary condition for success:

  1. Self-confidence can be divided into blind confidence and expert confidence. The former may lead us into risks, while the latter can help us better identify risks.
  2. If you're unsure about the type of confidence you possess, assume it's blind confidence. This can prevent you from taking unnecessary risks.
  3. However, not all risks are equal. Being excessively worried about risks or being indifferent to risks are both dangerous approaches.

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Shane Parrish 指出适当的自信是成功的必要条件:

  1. 自信分为盲目自信和专家自信,前者可能让我们陷入风险,而后者可以帮助我们更好地识别风险;
  2. 如果你不确定自己的自信属于那种,那么就假设它是盲目自信,这样可以防止你冒不必要的风险;
  3. 当然不是所有的风险都是等价的,过分地担心风险和不在意风险同样危险。

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