Daily Productive Sharing 734 - 3 Lessons About Money

Daily Productive Sharing 734 - 3 Lessons About Money
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Ryan Holiday reflected on his relationship with money and summarized thirty-one principles, some of which resonated with me deeply:

  1. Remember the money that once made you feel very wealthy. The most memorable amount of money for me was probably when I was about to graduate from undergraduate school and found an internship teaching IELTS. The basic salary seemed to be 3,500 RMB (around $500), including fixed class hours. If these hours were exceeded, I could get hourly fees. The first paycheck seemed to be six or seven thousand. It felt like a lot of money at the time. The reason I got this internship was because I had previously scored a 7 in IELTS writing, which was considered to be a score that wasn't easy to obtain.
  2. When Ryan first started his business, he had a conversation with Tim Ferries. Tim asked him why he wanted to start a business? Ryan answered that it was to earn more money. Tim continued to ask, what was the point of earning more money? Ryan said it was for it to sit in the bank. Tim followed up, if it was just to let the money lie in the bank, would you rather endure so much hardship and exhaustion? This provoked deep thought in Ryan. Just like the two and a half years I spent in the Middle East before, even though I could save money, I didn't enjoy the work at all. So, in the end, I decided to give up the high salary and move away from the Middle East.

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Ryan Holiday 回顾了自己和钱的关系,总结了三十一条道理,其中有一些让我非常有共鸣:

  1. 记住那些曾经让你觉得很富有的钱。我印象中最深的一笔钱应该是本科快毕业的时候,找了一份教雅思的实习工作。基本工资好像是三千五,包含固定的课时,如果超过这些课时,可以拿课时费。第一个到手的工资好像有六七千,当时觉得好大一笔钱。之所以能获得这份实习,是因为之前雅思写作考过一次7分,据说是一个不太容易获得的分数。
  2. Ryan 刚开始创业的时候,和 Tim Ferries 聊过一次。Tim 问他为什么要创业?Ryan 回答说为了赚更多的钱。Tim 继续问道,赚更多的钱是为了什么?Ryan 说是为了存在银行里。Tim 追问道,如果只是为了让钱躺在银行里,你宁愿忍受这么多苦,这么多累吗?这引发了 Ryan 的深思。就像我之前在中东呆的两年半,尽管能攒下钱,但是工作一点都不开心。所以最后,我决定放弃高薪,搬离中东。

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