Daily Productive Sharing 736 - Apple Vision

Daily Productive Sharing 736 - Apple Vision
Photo by Florian Roost / Unsplash

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After experiencing Apple Vision Pro, Ben Thompson wrote down his thoughts:

  1. Apple exceeded expectations in two areas: hardware and user experience, even better than I imagined, and the potential of Apple Vision Pro is even greater than I expected.
  2. Technically, Apple Vision Pro is a VR device, but in experience, it is an AR device;
  3. Speed is crucial: the latency threshold that your brain notices between what you see and what you expect to see is 12 milliseconds, and the display latency of Apple Vision Pro is less than 12 milliseconds;
  4. The time it takes for Apple Vision Pro to capture an image is about 7-8 milliseconds, which means that Apple Vision Pro only takes about 4 milliseconds to process the captured image;
  5. The subsystem of the R1 chip is real-time. This means that even if the visionOS crashes, the external world can still be displayed in under 12 milliseconds;
  6. It is worth noting that your fingers do not need to extend into space: when I used Apple Vision Pro, my hands were just placed on my lap, and the camera of Apple Vision Pro automatically tracked their movements;
  7. The eye tracking of Apple Vision Pro is very accurate and can easily divide the precise user interface elements that you are looking at and trigger them by simply touching your finger;
  8. The price of Apple Vision Pro is 7 times that of the Meta Quest Pro, which largely contributes to the higher resolution, but the deep integration between Apple's own chip and custom operating system is the key.

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Ben Thompson 体验了 Apple Vision Pro 之后,写下了自己的感受:

  1. Apple 在这两个方面超出了预期:硬件和使用体验甚至比我想象的可能更好,Apple Vision Pro 的潜力也比我预期的更大。
  2. Apple Vision Pro 在技术上是 VR 设备,在体验上是 AR 设备;
  3. 速度至关重要:你的大脑注意到你看到的和你期望看到的延迟阈值是12毫秒,而 Apple Vision Pro 的显示延迟小于12毫秒;
  4. Apple Vision Pro 捕捉图像的时间大约为7〜8毫秒,这意味着 Apple Vision Pro 处理捕捉的图像只花了大约4毫秒;
  5. R1 芯片的子系统是实时的。这意味着即使 visionOS 崩溃,外部世界仍然可以在12毫秒以下显示;
  6. 值得注意的是,你的手指不需要延伸到空间中:我使用 Apple Vision Pro 时,我的手只是放在腿上,Apple Vision Pro 的相机自动跟踪它们的运动;
  7. Apple Vision Pro 的眼动追踪非常准确,可以轻松划分出你正在看的精确用户界面元素,这又可以通过简单地触摸你的手指触发;
  8. Apple Vision Pro 的价格是 Meta Quest Pro 的7倍,这在很大程度上有助于提高分辨率,但是 Apple 自己的芯片和自定义操作系统之间的深度整合才是根本。

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