Daily Productive Sharing 738 - Fewer Opinions

Daily Productive Sharing 738 - Fewer Opinions
Photo by Levi Meir Clancy / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Mark Manson believes that we have too many choices, which can hinder us from making the right decisions:

  1. Information overload causes us to overlook the quality of information;
  2. The Dunning-Kruger effect states that the less people know, the more confident they are. The Internet is full of such semi-knowledgeable experts, and their opinions are everywhere.

To reduce the negative impact of information overload on our decision-making, we can:

  1. Try to find detailed information and cross-validate it;
  2. Pay attention to the author's background and identity.

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Mark Manson 认为我们有太多的选择,从而阻碍我们做出正确的决策:

  1. 信息过载导致我们忽略信息的质量;
  2. 心理学上的 Dunning-Kruger 效应讲的就是,当人们知道得越少,他们就越自信。互联网上充斥着这样一知半解的专家,所以遍地都是他们一知半解的言论。


  1. 尽量寻找详尽的信息,交叉验证;
  2. 注意作者的背景和身份。

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