Daily Productive Sharing 739 - Self-Employment vs. "Normal" Jobs

Daily Productive Sharing 739 - Self-Employment vs. "Normal" Jobs
Photo by sydney Rae / Unsplash

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Jack Raines compared the advantages and disadvantages of being employed versus being self-employed:

  1. Being employed provides a safety net, but also has visible limitations;
  2. Being self-employed lacks a safety net, but has unlimited potential;
  3. Being self-employed is like going long in the stock market because you are betting on yourself.

Recently, I have also been thinking about my career path and have three options:

  1. Continue looking for full-time employment;
  2. Start a start-up with the trend of LLM;
  3. Find a low-pressure part-time/consultant job and invest the rest of my time and energy in AwesomeVisa .

Although the third option carries the most pressure and risk, it is likely the path I want to choose. This is because I believe in the limitless potential of AwesomeVisa  and it can truly help many people.

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Jack Raines 比较了受雇于人和自雇两种职业路径的优缺点:

  1. 受雇于人有托底的保障,但也有可见的上限;
  2. 自雇没有托底的保障,但是有着无限的上限;
  3. 自雇类似于资本市场里的做多,因为你在看多自己。


  1. 继续找一份全职工作;
  2. 趁着 LLM 的风口,做一个初创公司;
  3. 找一份压力不大的兼职/顾问工作,把剩下的时间精力投入到 AwesomeVisa

尽管最后一个选项的压力和风险最大,但可能是我最想选择的一条道路。因为我相信 AwesomeVisa 的潜力无限,而且确实可以帮到很多朋友。

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