Daily Productive Sharing 740 - First Impressions of Vision Pro

Daily Productive Sharing 740 - First Impressions of Vision Pro
Photo by Myriam Zilles / Unsplash

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John Gruber experienced a live demo of Apple Vision Pro and gave very high praise:

  1. This is the most exciting product since the iPhone was introduced, exceeding his expectations in many ways.
  2. The interaction of Apple Vision Pro is very simple. For example, you can set the projection direction just by moving your eyes, without having to turn your head, and locate navigation simply by turning your eyes without using your hands.
  3. The hardware and software technology of Apple Vision Pro is also very advanced. For example, there is no delay when the camera observes objects around it, and the field of view seen through Apple Vision Pro is consistent with that seen by the naked eye. The field of view of Apple Vision Pro is very stable because its eye tracking is very accurate.
  4. The only downside is that Apple Vision Pro is a bit heavy. After thirty minutes of use, he felt it was noticeable.

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John Gruber 体验了 Apple Vision Pro 的真机演示,并给出了非常高的评价:

  1. 这是自 iPhone 问世以来,最让他感到激动的产品,不少方面超出他的预期;
  2. Apple Vision Pro 的交互非常简洁,比如只要动动眼球就能设置投影方位,不需要转动脑袋,比如定位导航都只要通过转动眼球即可,不需要动手;
  3. Apple Vision Pro 的软硬件技术也非常先进,比如通过它的摄像头观察身边的物体毫无延迟,比如通过 Apple Vision Pro 看到的视域和肉眼所见的视域一致,比如 Apple Vision Pro 的视域非常稳定,这是因为它的眼球追踪即使非常精确;
  4. 唯一的不足是 Apple Vision Pro 有些过重,三十分钟的体验过后,他有明显的感觉。

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