Daily Productive Sharing 741 - No Regret

Daily Productive Sharing 741 -  No Regret
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

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Jeff Bezos has a simple framework: If I want to minimize regret when I am 80 years old, what should I do now? Morgan Housel elaborates on this idea:

  1. Regret is a form of risk that is often hidden for years or decades, making it important to have a well-calibrated sense of future regret.
  2. Risk is not just about how much money you might lose but also the regret that might come later.
  3. In life, we should spend time trying to figure out what we will or won’t regret.

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Jeff Bezos 有一个简单的思维模式:如果在我80岁的时候,我要尽可能地减少后悔,我现在该怎么做?Morgan Housel 就此延伸:

  1. 后悔是一种风险形式,往往被隐藏了数年或数十年,因此预判未来可能出现的后悔至关重要。
  2. 风险不仅仅与可能损失的金钱数量有关,也与可能在以后可能出现的后悔有关。
  3. 在生活中,我们应该花时间努力弄清楚哪些是我们可能后悔的事情。

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