Daily Productive Sharing 742 - Kindle Powered by AI

Daily Productive Sharing 742 - Kindle Powered by AI
Photo by Masaaki Komori / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Dan Shipper plays as the product manager of Kindle, and suggest the usage of LLMs to improve the current Kindle.

  1. The Kindle's most useful feature is the built-in dictionary and the X-Ray feature, but they could be improved with the help of AI;
  2. AI could create auto-generated summaries for readers to easily catch up on a book;
  3. AI could also help readers to understand important events or characters;
  4. AI could also provide explanations for passages that readers struggle to understand and flag controversial claims in non-fiction books.

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Dan Shipper 把自己代入为 Kindle 的产品经理,结合目前火热的 AI 来改进目前的 Kindle:

  1. Kindle的最有用的功能是内置字典和 X-Ray 功能,但借助 AI 的帮助可以改进这两个功能;
  2. AI 可以为读者创建自动生成的摘要,以便快速了解一本书;
  3. AI 也可以帮助读者理解重要事件或角色;
  4. AI 还可以为读者解释他们难以理解的段落,并标记非小说书中有争议的声明。

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