Daily Productive Sharing 746 - Get It Done

Daily Productive Sharing 746 - Get It Done
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One helpful tip per day:)

Andrew Bosworth believes that getting things done includes seeking external help:

  1. Seeking external help can expose problems early on, allowing the right people to do the right things and save time for everyone;
  2. Seeking external help also includes seeking assistance from superiors, which can likely speed up the process and allow them to take appropriate measures to prevent similar problems from happening.

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Andrew Bosworth 认为把事情做成,包括寻求外部协助:

  1. 寻求外部协助可以尽早暴露问题,让正确的人来做正确的事,节省大家的时间;
  2. 寻求外部协助也包括寻求上级的协助,这样很可能更快地推动进程,也让上级可以采取相应措施避免类似问题发生。

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