Daily Productive Sharing 747 - Make Something Wonderful

Daily Productive Sharing 747 - Make Something Wonderful
Photo by Md Mahdi / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Arun Venkatesan recommended the book Make Something Wonderful, which reviews the life of Steve Jobs:

  1. The book has three versions: a paper version only available to Apple and Disney employees, a web page version, and an electronic version.
  2. The cover of the web version is very cool, with a slow Polaroid development effect when first opened, and a timeline on the right side that intuitively shows Jobs' life;
  3. Arun admitted that Steve Jobs had a huge influence on him, for example, when he was selecting an MP3 player, he was immediately impressed by the iPod, which later influenced his aesthetics.

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Arun Venkatesan 推荐了回顾 Steve Jobs 生平的 Make Something Wonderful 一书:

  1. 该书共有三个版本,纸质版的只发给 Apple 和 Disney 的员工,网页版 和电子版。
  2. 网页版的封面非常酷炫,第一次打开会有拍立得慢慢显影的效果,右侧有时间轴,很直观地展示了 Jobs 的生平;
  3. Arun 坦承,Steve Jobs 对他的影响非常大,比如当初挑选 MP3 的时候,看到 iPod 就一下子被惊艳到,从而影响了他后来的审美。

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