Daily Productive Sharing 749 - Jump In

Daily Productive Sharing 749 - Jump In
Photo by Anthony Aird / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

David Smith shares his insights from a developer's perspective after trying out Apple Vision Pro:

  1. This is a new platform full of hope, and he will devote himself to developing products on it.
  2. The development experience is full of unknowns and twists and turns, but it is also a very good exploration experience.
  3. User experience and price are positively correlated, and the ultimate user experience may correspond to the ultimate price, which is the goal of Apple Vision Pro.
  4. The feeling of using Apple Vision Pro is like the device is directly reading the user's thoughts.

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David Smith 试用了 Apple Vision Pro 之后,从开发者的角度给出了自己的见解:

  1. 这是一个全新的平台,一个充满希望的平台,所以他会全力投入在上面开发产品;
  2. 这种开发经历充满未知和曲折,但本身也是非常好的探索经历;
  3. 用户体验和价格正相关,极致的用户体验可能对应极致的价格,这就是 Apple Vision Pro 的目标;
  4. 使用 Apple Vision Pro 的感觉就像这台设备直接读取了用户的想法。

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