Daily Productive Sharing 750 - Compounding Optimism

Daily Productive Sharing 750 - Compounding Optimism
Photo by Valentina Stepanova / Unsplash

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Morgan Housel reviewed some technical progress, and pointed out that innovation also has a compounding effect

  1. Compound growth, driven by small ideas and inspirations, is difficult to estimate, making all progress easy to underestimate.
  2. Progress, especially technological progress, is driven by incremental growth over long periods of time rather than the genius of individuals.

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Morgan Housel 带着我们回溯了历史,指出创新其实也有复利效应:

  1. 复合增长是由难以估计的小想法和灵感驱动的,使得所有的进步都容易被低估。
  2. 技术进步是由长期的递增增长驱动的,而不是个别人的天才。

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