Daily Productive Sharing 751 - 36 Lessons at 36-year-old

Daily Productive Sharing 751 - 36 Lessons at 36-year-old
Photo by Rasank Patro / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Ryan Holiday wrote down 36 insights on his 36th birthday, and some of them resonate with me:

  1. Don't always worry about how to fail, but you can also imagine how to succeed. I also chatted with my coach about this topic before. At that time, I thought I was in a dilemma and worried that my choices would lead to even greater failure. The coach asked me, have you ever thought about how you would feel if you succeed? I suddenly felt enlightened.
  2. During my time living in the Middle East, I used to eat Arabic food from time to time. Although hummus and kebab were good, what I liked most was the freshly baked pita bread. The freshly baked pita was like a small balloon, bulging and soft. The aroma of wheat was so fragrant! Tearing off a small piece, dipping it in hummus or toum to eat, that's the memory I miss the most.

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Ryan Holiday 在36岁生日之际,写下了36条感悟,其中有几条让我深有同感:

  1. 不要总是担心会如何失败,也可以畅想一下会如何成功。之前和我的 coach 也聊到过这一话题,当时的我以为自己深陷一个困境,而且担心接下来的选择可能会造成更大的失败。coach 就问我,那你有没有想过,如果你成功的话,会怎样?我一下子觉得豁然开朗;
  2. 在中东生活的那段时间里,时不时会去吃阿拉伯菜,尽管 hummus,kebab 之类的都不错,但是最最让我喜欢的却是,刚出炉的 pita 面包。刚出炉的 pita 像一个小气球,鼓鼓囊囊的,松松软软的。满是小麦的香气,别提有多香了!撕下一小块,蘸着 hummus 或者 toum 吃,才是我最怀念的记忆。

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