Daily Productive Sharing 753 - Why Do You Believe?

Daily Productive Sharing 753 - Why Do You Believe?
Photo by Ran Berkovich / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Morgan Housel pointed out that people often believe what they want to believe:

  1. The more something helps us reduce uncertainty, the less likely we are to question its truthfulness.
  2. Often, believing in something is not about pursuing the truth, but only confirming our own judgments.
  3. Many memories are filtered by us. We only remember what we want to remember and discard what we don't want to remember.
  4. As a result, even if we make a mistake, we are often unwilling to admit it.

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Morgan Housel 指出,人们很多时候只相信自己愿意相信的:

  1. 一件事越能帮我们减少不确定性,我们就越不容易质疑它的真实性;
  2. 很多时候,相信某件事不是为了追寻真相,而只是印证我们自己的判断;
  3. 很多记忆都被我们过滤了,我们只愿意记住自己想要记住的,抛弃了那些我们不想记住的;
  4. 这样一来,即使我们犯错了,我们也不愿意认错。

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