Daily Productive Sharing 754 - Why I retired from Apple?

Daily Productive Sharing 754 - Why I retired from Apple?
Photo by ASE / Unsplash

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Don Melton was once an important member of Apple, responsible for projects such as Safari and WebKit. He retired in 2012, and a year later, he reflected on why he retired:

  1. The best thing about Apple is its employees. Working with these colleagues was a very enjoyable experience.
  2. The greatest experience of working at Apple is that you are able to change the world.
  3. Many senior Apple employees start working on Sunday nights to prepare for Monday morning meetings.
  4. Many Apple engineers work long hours because they choose to work overtime.
  5. As for why Don retired from Apple, he believed that he had already achieved a lot and no longer had ambition.

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Don Melton 曾经是 Apple 的重要一员,负责 Safari 和 WebKit 等项目。他于2012年退休,一年后,他回顾了自己为什么退休:

  1. Apple 最棒的是他们的雇员,和这些同事一起工作,非常享受;
  2. 在 Apple 工作最棒的体验是你可以改变世界;
  3. 很多 Apple 的高级雇员都从周日晚上开始工作,为下周一早上的会议做准备;
  4. 很多 Apple 工程师的工作时间也非常长,因为他们自愿选择加班;
  5. 至于 Don 为何从 Apple 退休,因为他自认为已经有不少成就,不再有野心。

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