Daily Productive Sharing 755 - Living in Mini-Lives

Daily Productive Sharing 755 - Living in Mini-Lives
Photo by Hyundai Motor Group / Unsplash

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David Kadavy introduced a travel approach between traditional travel and being a digital nomad, called mini-life:

  1. Mini-life means moving to a new city and living there for at least a month or more as a way to travel.
  2. Mini-life allows you having a deeper understanding of local life and have more contact with local people.
  3. Mini-life also allows you rethinking your own life and what you really want and need in your life.

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David Kadavy 介绍了一种介于旅行和 digital nomad 之间的旅行方式 -- 迷你生活 (mini-life):

  1. 迷你生活是指你搬到一个陌生的城市,居住至少一个月以上的旅行方式;
  2. 迷你生活可以让你更深入地了解当地生活,更多地接触当地人群;
  3. 迷你生活也会让你重新思考自己的生活,到底想要什么?到底需要什么?

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