Daily Productive Sharing 756 - Publish or Perish?

Daily Productive Sharing 756 - Publish or Perish?
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One helpful tip per day:)

CJ Chilvers believes that goals are not that important, and the process is more important. And more importantly, the procedure:

  1. As long as the process is strictly adhered to, the process will naturally be laid out, and the achievement of the goal will also get closer and closer.
  2. If suggestions for improving efficiency do not involve improving the procedure, then these suggestions are worthless.
  3. Recording the procedure is also very important. These records will help us grow better and avoid the same mistakes in the future.

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CJ Chilvers 认为目标不重要,重要的是过程。比过程更重要的是程序:

  1. 只要严格遵守程序,那么过程就自然铺就了,而且离目标的实现也会愈来愈近;
  2. 如果提高效率的建议不涉及如何改进程序,那么这些建议也就没有价值;
  3. 记录程序也非常重要,这些记录会帮助我们更好地成长,在今后避免同样的错误。

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