Daily Productive Sharing 757 - Manage Your Mind

Daily Productive Sharing 757 - Manage Your Mind
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One helpful tip per day:)

David Kadavy believes that the essence of time management is mind management. He frequently asks himself three questions:

  1. What kind of work do I need to do right now?
  2. What kind of mental state am I in right now?
  3. Is there something I can do to get myself into the right mental state?

In order to improve mind management, he suggests:

  1. Meditation.
  2. Set aside dedicated time for planning.
  3. Motivate oneself to take action.

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David Kadavy 认为时间管理的实质是心智管理。他经常问自己三个问题:

  1. 我现在要做什么样的工作?
  2. 我当前处于怎样的心理状态?
  3. 有没有什么方法可以使我进入适当的心理状态?


  1. 冥想
  2. 找专门的时间做规划
  3. 诱使自己开始行动

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