Daily Productive Sharing 758 - Creativity Burnout

Daily Productive Sharing 758 - Creativity Burnout
Photo by Jr Korpa / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Anne-Laure Le Cunff provides her advice on dealing with creativity burnout:

  1. Seek help from others;
  2. Take sufficient breaks;
  3. Create space for self-reflection;
  4. Review past accomplishments;
  5. Start with basics.

A better approach, however, is to focus on prevention:

  1. Reflect on one's thinking patterns;
  2. Build mindful productivity in the present moment;
  3. Establish habits;
  4. Pay attention to the information intake;
  5. Purposefully engage in other activities to distract.

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针对创造力 burnout,Anne-Laure Le Cunff 给出了她的建议:

  1. 及时向人求助;
  2. 休息足够多的时间;
  3. 给自己反思的空间;
  4. 回顾过去;
  5. 从小事做起;


  1. 反思自己的思考方式;
  2. 培养注重当下的生产力;
  3. 建立习惯;
  4. 关注自己的信息摄入;
  5. 建设性地分心做其他事;

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