Daily Productive Sharing 760 - Memories of Steve

Daily Productive Sharing 760 - Memories of Steve
Photo by Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

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Don Melton recalled his memories of Steve Jobs:

  1. Steve's memory of him was as the "Safari guy" because he led the development of Safari.
  2. Steve may have remembered his name, which was a great honor and responsibility at Apple.
  3. Steve did not always wear jeans and a turtleneck. He had worn suits for presentations and also wore shorts to work at the company.
  4. Steve expected excellence, which is why he always achieved it.
  5. When Steve asked you a question, you had to provide a clear answer. If you didn't know the answer, you had to say "I don't know" but provide a timeframe for finding the answer.

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Don Melton 回忆了他对 Steve Jobs 的记忆:

  1. Steve 对他的记忆是 Safari guy,因为他主导了 Safari 的开发;
  2. Steve 也许记得他的名字,在 Apple,这是莫大的殊荣,也是极大的责任;
  3. Steve 并非总是穿着牛仔裤和高领黑毛衣,他曾经也穿过西服演讲,也在公司里穿着短裤上班;
  4. Steve 期待的是完美,这也是为什么他总能得到它;
  5. 当 Steve 问你问题时,你必须给出清晰的答案,如果你不知道答案,那就直接回答不知道,但是要给出找到答案的时间。

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