Daily Productive Sharing 761 - How to Do Great Work?

Daily Productive Sharing 761 - How to Do Great Work?
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One helpful tip per day:)

Paul Graham has written a lengthy essay on how to do meaningful work, which can be roughly divided into four parts:

  1. Identify a domain
  2. Learn from the leading edge
  3. Find gaps
  4. Be bold in experimentation

In the essay, he delves into details:

  1. What you should not do is drift along passively, assuming the problem will solve itself. You need to take action.
  2. Work has a sort of activation energy, both per day and per project. And since this threshold is fake in the sense that it's higher than the energy required to keep going, it's ok to tell yourself a lie of corresponding magnitude to get over it.
  3. When I'm reluctant to start work in the morning, I often trick myself by saying "I'll just read over what I've got so far." Five minutes later I've found something that seems mistaken or incomplete, and I'm off.
  4. Original ideas don't come from trying to have original ideas. They come from trying to build or understand something slightly too difficult.

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Paul Graham 写了万字长文,介绍了如何做有意义的事。大致分为四块:

  1. 确定领域
  2. 学到领先
  3. 发现空白
  4. 勇于尝试


  1. 不要漫无目的地神游,以为问题会自行解决。你需要采取行动。
  2. 工作有一种所谓的激活能量,无论是每天的工作还是每个项目中的工作。而且这个阈值比让你前进所需的能量更高,所以告诉自己一个与之对应的谎言也无妨,只要这一谎言能让你开始行动。
  3. 当我早上不愿开始工作时,我经常骗自己说:“我只是看一下我已经做到哪里了。”五分钟后,我发现了一些看起来错误或不完整的东西,然后我就开始着手解决了。
  4. 原创的想法并不是试图产生原创的想法。它们来自于试图构建或理解某些稍微困难的事物。

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