Daily Productive Sharing 763 - Having Buffers

Daily Productive Sharing 763 - Having Buffers
Photo by Rowan Heuvel / Unsplash

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Fernando Gros discussed the importance of buffers:

  1. It's not only important to have financial buffers, but also to have buffers in time management. This will greatly alleviate our stress.
  2. The most crucial buffers are built on emotions, as they help us better cope with extreme situations.
  3. Buffers are choices we make, even though we may not see their immediate returns. However, they eventually pay off.

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Fernando Gros 谈了缓冲的重要性:

  1. 不光在理财上要有缓冲,在时间管理上也要有缓冲,这将大大减轻我们的压力;
  2. 最重要的缓冲要建立在情感上,这样可以帮助我们更好地面对极端情况;
  3. 缓冲是我们主动选择的,尽管我们不知道它们什么可以产生回报,但它们终究会产生回报。

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