Daily Productive Sharing 764- Waterloo Style

Daily Productive Sharing 764- Waterloo Style
Photo by Johannes Groll / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Paul introduced the concept of "Waterloo-style programming":

  1. The term "Waterloo" refers to the University of Waterloo in Canada, known for its strong engineering programs, where Paul studied a CS degree.
  2. The core idea of Waterloo-style programming is to focus on the flow of data. Once you understand how data flows, writing code to achieve the desired outcome becomes easier.
  3. In a sense, this concept aligns with transformers in current deep learning. It involves transforming one type of data into another, and all tasks can be abstracted in this way. The choice of encoder/decoder is just a tool selection.
  4. Similarly, the same principle applies to solving cases. By understanding how money flows, finding the ultimate destination of the money leads to identifying the main suspects.

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Paul 介绍了什么是滑铁卢式编程:

  1. 此处的滑铁卢是指加拿大的滑铁卢大学,该学校以工科出名,而 Paul 曾在此学习;
  2. 滑铁卢编程的核心是关注数据的流动,只要弄清楚数据如何流动,那么怎么写代码实现就是一件容易的事;
  3. 从某种意义上而言,现在深度学习的 transfomer 也是类似的想法,无非就是把一种数据转换为另一种数据,所有的任务都可以如此被抽象;具体用什么 encoder / decoder 只是工具的选择而已;
  4. 类似的,办案也是如此,只要关注钱是如何流动的就行,找到钱的最终目的地,也就找到了最终的嫌疑人。

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