Daily Productive Sharing 765 - Optimizing for Joy

Daily Productive Sharing 765 - Optimizing for Joy
Photo by Vika Strawberrika / Unsplash

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J.D. Roth considers this year as a "year of the self" – a year to rediscover his happy self. To achieve this, he made the following attempts:

  1. Traveling, reading, exercising, socializing, and meditating.
  2. Quitting online gaming and Reddit.
  3. Most importantly, he resumed writing online. Despite previously creating the well-known platform Get Rich Slowly, he had taken a break from writing for a while. During this time, he deeply missed the joy of writing, so returning to writing helped him reconnect with his true self.

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J.D. Roth 把今年当作是自我之年 -- 找回快乐的自我。为此,他做了以下尝试:

  1. 旅行,阅读,锻炼,社交,冥想;
  2. 戒除了网络游戏和 Reddit;
  3. 最重要的是,他重新开始在网上写作。尽管他之前创建了很有名的 Get Rich Slowly,他中断写作有一段时间了。这期间,他非常怀念写作的时光,所以重拾写作帮他找回了自我。

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