Daily Productive Sharing 766 - 10x Developers

Daily Productive Sharing 766 - 10x Developers
Photo by Robert Anitei / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Paul W. Homer analyzes what contributes to the 10x programmer:

  1. They have a strong passion for tools because good tools can help them increase efficiency.
  2. They have good programming habits, which can reduce the chances of bugs and improve overall efficiency.
  3. They might be slower at the beginning of a project because they focus on laying a solid foundation, which is more efficient than starting over later.
  4. They are humble and reluctant to admit that they are 10x programmers.

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Paul W. Homer 分析了是什么造就了 10x 程序员:

  1. 他们对于工具有着执着的追求,因为好的工具能够帮他们提高效率;
  2. 他们有着良好的编程习惯,这样可以减少 bug 出现的几率,从而提高整体的效率;
  3. 他们在项目开始的时候可能比较慢,因为他们需要把基础打好,这样比后面推倒重来要高效得多;
  4. 他们非常谦逊,不愿承认自己是 10x 程序员。

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