Daily Productive Sharing 767 - The Staff Engineer's Path — Book Review

Daily Productive Sharing 767 - The Staff Engineer's Path — Book Review
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Stanislav Myachenkov recommends Staff Engineer's Path, and here is his summary:

  1. The book introduces what a staff engineer role is, its requirements, and how to fulfill those requirements.
  2. Staff engineers typically lead important projects, so making choices about what to work on and how to do it becomes crucial.
  3. A useful technique is to create a job description document when newly promoted to staff engineer. This document should include goals, self-defined success criteria, and specific achievements to strive for.
  4. Companies may have various engineering-related documents, but understanding what truly drives promotions in a company is crucial.

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Stanislav Myachenkov 推荐 Staff Engineer's Path ,这是他写的概要:

  1. 全书介绍了什么是 staff engineer 一职,以及它的职位要求,和如何实现这些要求;
  2. staff engineer 通常会领导比较重要的项目,所以这时候选择做什么,怎么做就变得格外重要;
  3. 一个很有用的技巧是在刚刚升职到 staff engineer 时,准备一个职位描述文档,写下自己的目标,自己设定的成功标准,和具体要实现哪些成果;
  4. 公司可能会有各种关于工程师的工作文档,但了解一个公司最注重的其实是看什么让人晋升。

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