Daily Productive Sharing 769 - Only One Thing to Compete

Daily Productive Sharing 769 - Only One Thing to Compete
Photo by Sir. Simo / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Jason Fried uses Basecamp as an example to explain a simple truth:

  1. Your true competitor is only one - your costs.
  2. Many external factors are beyond your control, but your costs are within your control.
  3. Despite the appearance of glamour, many companies have high costs and are actually running at a loss. On the other hand, Basecamp may seem small in scale, but it has been profitable for many years.
  4. The lower your costs, the fewer paying customers you need to survive, and thus the less pressure you face. Of course, having more paying customers can create a bigger buffer for your business.

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Jason Fried 以 Basecamp 为例,解释了一个很朴素的道理:

  1. 你真正的竞争对手只有一个,就是你的成本;
  2. 很多外在因素都不可控,唯独你的成本是可控的;
  3. 尽管很多公司看起来很光鲜,但他们的成本不低,实际上是亏本的;Basecamp 看起来规模不大,但是这么多年来一直是赢利的;
  4. 成本越低,存活下来需要的付费用户越少,所以生存压力越小。当然越多的付费用户可以创造越多的 buffer。

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