Daily Productive Sharing 774 - Two jobs

Daily Productive Sharing 774 - Two jobs
Photo by The National Library of Norway / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Jacob Kaplan-Moss believes that good programmers have two jobs - writing good code and being good at communication. However, the latter is often neglected.

In his view, good communication is not about always saying yes, but about approaching all issues professionally:

  1. You disagree respectfully.
  2. You seek to understand before looking to be understood.
  3. You communicate clearly.
  4. You value your commitments.

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Jacob Kaplan-Moss 认为好的程序员有两份工作,一份是写好代码,另一份是好沟通。而后者往往被人忽视。


  1. 你以尊重的方式表示不同意见。
  2. 你在寻求理解之前,先试图被人理解。
  3. 你清晰地沟通。
  4. 你重视自己的承诺。

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