Daily Productive Sharing 775 - Luck VS. Risk

Daily Productive Sharing 775 - Luck VS. Risk
Photo by Sebastian Svenson / Unsplash

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Morgan Housel points out that luck and risk are two sides of the same coin:

  1. We dislike risk because it is beyond our control. Similarly, luck can also be attributed to factors beyond our control.
  2. However, people have different attitudes towards risk and luck. When we are hit by risk, we attribute it to the risk itself. But when we are favored by luck, we often fail to acknowledge it and instead attribute it to our own efforts.
  3. Because both risk and luck are beyond our control, we should have a sense of reverence towards both and strive to become nicer.

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Morgan Housel 指出,运气和风险其实是硬币的正反两面:

  1. 我们厌恶风险,是因为它在我们的掌控之外,同样的,运气也可以归因于我们的掌控之外;
  2. 但是人们对待风险和运气的态度截然不同,当我们被风险打击时,我们会归因于风险,而当我们被运气光顾时,往往并不自知,还以为是自己的努力;
  3. 正因为风险和运气都在我们的掌控之外,我们更应该敬畏这两者,做一个更善良的人。

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