Daily Productive Sharing 779 - Architecture Astronauts

Daily Productive Sharing 779 - Architecture Astronauts
Photo by Serafin Reyna / Unsplash

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Joel Spolsky analyzed what "architecture astronauts" are:

  1. They always focus on abstract architecture but ignore the specific problems that need to be addressed.
  2. They believe a single architecture can solve all problems, without considering its practical implementation.
  3. They enjoy reinventing the wheel, creating frameworks just for the sake of creating frameworks.

It reminds me of a former colleague I worked with who was exactly like this, and eventually, his actions caused the team to become divided, and everyone wanted to leave:

  1. When we switched message distribution from Celery to Kafka, he didn't bother to understand the reasons behind it and demanded everyone to migrate back to Celery.
  2. When our authentication service had issues, and we planned to replace IdP server with Keycloak, he decided to build his own IdP server and forced everyone to use his service.
  3. He claimed to have handled millions of concurrent tasks, yet he couldn't even design a simple database structure and forcefully changed other engineers' well-designed solutions into his nonsense approach.

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Joel Spolsky 分析了什么是架构宇航员(architecture astronauts):

  1. 他们总是关注抽象的架构,而忽略具体需要解决的问题;
  2. 他们总是以为一个架构就能解决所有问题,但不考虑具体的落地可能性;
  3. 他们以重复造轮子为乐趣,为了框架而创造框架;


  1. 当我们把消息分发从 Celery 切换到 Kafka 之后,他不问前因后果,要求大家迁移回 Celery;
  2. 当我们的鉴权服务出现问题,准备从 IdP server 升级到 Keycloak,他又自己写了一个 IdP server,强行要求大家用他的服务;
  3. 自称搞定过上千万的并发任务,然后连简单的数据库结构设计都不会做,硬生生把其他工程师良好的设计方案改成他狗屁不通的方案。

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