Daily Productive Sharing 780 - The Past

Daily Productive Sharing 780 - The Past
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Derek Sivers recalls a car accident he caused when he was 17 years old, mistakenly believing that he had paralyzed the other driver, only to find out that he was only slightly injured when he went to the door to apologize at the age of 35. And the other person apologized, also that it was she herself who was eating while driving and not looking ahead. derek suggests in this regard:

  1. the facts of history are only a small part of the story, and a large part of the story lies in the interpretation that follows;
  2. how they are interpreted depends on the interpreter, so these interpretations are likely to contain misunderstandings;
  3. these misunderstandings can leave us with a heavy burden;
  4. to lift these burdens, we need to rebuild the interpretation.

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Derek Sivers 回忆起自己17岁时造成的一起车祸,误以为自己导致对方瘫痪,直到35岁去登门道歉,才发现对方只是受了轻伤。而对方也道歉,也是是她自己在开车时吃东西,没有在看前方。Derek 就此建议:

  1. 历史的事实其实只是一小部分,很大部分在于后面的阐释;
  2. 如何阐释取决于阐释者,所以这些阐释很有可能包含误解;
  3. 这些误解可能让我们背上沉重的包袱;
  4. 要想解除这些包袱,需要我们重建阐释。

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