Daily Productive Sharing 781 - The Emotions Behind Procrastination

Daily Productive Sharing 781 - The Emotions Behind Procrastination
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Anne-Laure Le Cunff offers a fresh perspective on procrastination: procrastination is a way our bodies and brains communicate the struggle we have with certain tasks. By understanding it as a form of communication, we can employ the DUST method (Difficult, Unclear, Scary, Tedious) to address procrastination:

  1. When facing difficult situations, we can start by doing something simpler.
  2. When facing unclear tasks, we should clarify what these tasks are.
  3. When facing tasks that scare us, we must confront those fears and step out of our comfort zones.
  4. When facing tasks that exhaust us, we can try changing our environment.

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff 从一个全新的角度来阐释拖延症:拖延症是我们的身体和大脑在与我们沟通我们挣扎的感觉。如果我们能明白这是一种沟通,就可以使用 DUST 方法(Difficult, Unclear, Scary, Tedious)来应对拖延:

  1. 面对困难的情况,我们可以试着从简单的做起;
  2. 面对不清楚的任务,我们要明确这些任务是什么;
  3. 面对令我们恐惧的任务,我们要直面这些恐惧,走出舒适圈;
  4. 面对令我们疲惫的任务,我们可以试着改变环境。

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