Daily Productive Sharing 782 - Minimum Effective Dose

Daily Productive Sharing 782 - Minimum Effective Dose
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One helpful tip per day:)

Shawn Blanc raised the question of what would happen if we multiply the 80-20 rule twice:

  1. After multiplying it twice, we discover that 50% of the results can actually be achieved with just 1% of the effort.
  2. Of course, this is an ideal scenario. When we apply this idealized formula to real life, taking a small step can lay the foundation for success.
  3. In retrospect, the starting point of success is often extremely tiny. Ultimately, success is not determined by how many things we get right but by how long we persist in doing one thing.

As DPS approaches its third anniversary, even though it may not be considered a highly successful product yet, we can take pride in the fact that these three years of perseverance are a form of success. Throughout these three years, every issue has been updated as scheduled without missing a single working day. We hope we can continue this perseverance in the future.

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Shawn Blanc 问到,如果我们把80-20法则相乘两次,会有什么发现?

  1. 相乘两次之后,我们发现,50%的结果其实只要1%的努力就能实现;
  2. 当然以上是很理想的状况,我们把这种理想化的公式放到生活中的话,只要迈出一小步,就能打下成功的基础;
  3. 回头来看,成功的起点都是极其微小的 ,最终的成功不在于做对了多少件事,而在于坚持做一件事有多久。

DPS 即将迎来三周年的生日,尽管 DPS 还不是一个很成功的产品,但是我们可以骄傲地说,这三年的坚持本身就是一种成功,这三年来的每一期,我们都如期更新,没有落下一个工作日的更新。也希望我们能一直这样坚持下去。

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